PC & Network Services has a wide variety of Support options for Current Customers and New Customers.

We understand that in this day and age, Support is often limited, nonexsistent or expensive. PC & Network Services has dedicated it resources to improving the Support to our Customer requirements, needs and wants.

Here on this Support Page you will find:

Answer to Question(s)

Help with Services Preformed by PCNS

Simple Solutions

Honest and Fair Guidence to Solution.

And Real Bottom Line Cost(s).

We at PCNS believe in just paying our bills and not trying to buy a Porcshe!

Try PCNS, If you don't like PCNS, PCNS will refund your money*

That Simple.


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* Refunds are based upon certain criteria and is agreed upon prior to Support or Service. PCNS is not responsible for items outside of it's control, un-decisive, excess or non-committed Customers. All Support agreement(s) will be in writing, no exceptions, and all refund policies will be contained with in that agreement. No verbal agreement will be made by any one at PC & Network Services at any time. Refund Policies are based upon the agreement on an case by case basis and does not one agreement bind or void another agreements unless expressly written in said agreement.

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